The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

The Emergency Broadband Benefit still has money. Let’s make sure people know.We all want our families and communities to thrive, and to do so they need access to the internet at home. Having internet access at home is not a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity just like electricity and clean water. Despite this critical need, access to the internet at home isn’t always affordable, particularly for marginalized communities.  

Eligible individuals and families can now take advantage of a new, temporary federal program, the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). The EBB was designed to help those struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing a monthly internet discount of up to $50 (up to $75 for those living on tribal lands). 

There’s still money available, and we’re calling on you to help make sure our rural communities get connected to the EBB monthly internet discount. (While many have signed up successfully, we know others have encountered obstacles, such as finding out their providers aren’t participating or needing to upgrade their plans to qualify. The FFC urges consumers who encounter challenges to share their experience at

Help us connect those who need access to the internet the most by using our toolkit to spread the word to your network. 

Content created by the Rural Assembly: Building an Inclusive Nation

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