Sustainable Green Team, Ltd Expands Milling Operations in the Heart of Timber Country in Forks, WA, Supporting Roughly 95 New Direct Jobs for a total effect of 225 new jobs

The CEO of Sustainable Green Team, Ltd (“SGTM”), Tony Raynor, announced the expansion of their milling operations in the heart of timber country in Forks, WA, a third addition to their current two milling operations located in Jasper, FL (view FL facility) and Homerville, GA (view GA facility). The new mill will be located at the former Interfor sites at the City of Forks’ Industrial Park and the site just north of Forks, WA. The two sites will again work conjointly to form the operations of the new SGTM mill.

The planned production facility will produce a wide range of dimensional and specialty lumber products at the beaver sawmill location and SGTM has secured , modern, highly optimized process machinery for the sawmill operations. Additionally SGTM is currently in the design phase for a state-of-the-art MASS engineered timber production at the Forks Industrial Park featuring a highly automated production utilizing environmentally friendly, formamide free, Nano Adhesive Technology safeguarding our workers, end-users and the environment.

SGTM expects to source primarily Doug Fir and Hemlock from local landowners and the Department of Natural Resources. At full capacity, this mill will have a robust production capacity , with world-class productivity and lumber recovery, and a competitive product mix. In addition to selling lumber, the company plans to sell residual fiber products, including chips and sawdust, to local and international pulp and pellet plants.

Representative Derek Kilmer said “Our region should celebrate this news because it means good, family-wage jobs coming to our community.  It means making things here in America – rather than someplace else.   It means making the most of a renewable resource by milling the product near the source. And it means re-igniting the milling industry in the heart of the wood basket.”

“For decades Clallam County’s highest private wage sector has been and continues to be — the timber industry. The reopening of this mill allows our workforce to re-engage in this sector where so many working people are already fully trained.  In 2014 when the mill shutdown operations in Forks, 87 high-wage earners lost their livelihoods. Sustainable Green Team will bring those jobs back and we are ready to support it,” said Clallam County Commissioner Bill Peach.

At full capacity the facilities will support an estimated 95 new direct jobs, with average annual salaries of $52,000, plus benefits. Colleen McAleer, the Director of the Clallam County Economic Development Council (EDC) said, “The Clallam EDC estimates the project will also support at least an additional 130 jobs, for a total of 225 prospective new jobs in the North Olympic Peninsula’s region.”

“We are delighted to see an innovative company like Sustainable Green Team embracing one of Washington’s opportunity zones,” said Commerce Director Lisa Brown. “Leaning in to sustainable products and manufacturing is one of many strategies with potential to strengthen communities and rural economies throughout the state.”

“Ever since the closure of the Interfor Mill in 2014 at the same locations, many of the logs have been harvested and trucked off the Peninsula for milling. This loss of value-added processing not only meant fewer high-paying jobs moved out of Clallam County, but it also meant an increase of greenhouse gas emissions due to increased trucking requirements transporting a full log off the Peninsula instead of just the finished, milled product”, said Representative Steve Tharinger, the state’s Capital Budget Chair.

 “I anticipate the two mill facilities will reignite the Forks economic sector, but the trickle-down effects will also improve the economy of my entire district,” said Representative Mike Chapman, who represents the area and is also the State’s Chair of the House Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

 “The level of support and engagement we’ve received from the folks at the Clallam County Economic Development Council, the local community and officials, and the state has been incredible,” said Tony Raynor, CEO of Sustainable Green Team. “Expansion to the West Coast has been a long-term goal of Sustainable Green Team and Clallam County was selected because they were clearly able to demonstrate the opportunity and have been supportive throughout the process. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

About Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (SGTM)

The Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (the Company) is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of wood-based mulch and lumber products, selling direct to mass merchandisers, home centers, hardware stores, nurseries, garden centers, convenience, food, and drug stores, in addition to wholesalers and distributors. The company also provides arbor care and storm recovery services at the residential, commercial, and municipal level while offering green waste solutions to large and small-scale waste disposal and recycling companies located throughout the southeastern United States. Its subsidiary, Mulch Manufacturing, Inc. is the largest provider of cypress mulch in the country.

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