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Next Coffee with Colleen Guests: May 4 – Bob Donegan, President of Ivar’s Seafood

May 11 – Suzy Ames, Incoming President of Peninsula College
May 18 – Steve Burke, Ex Director, Shore Aquatic Center

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Thank You to Our New & Renewing Members!
Our New EDC Members!

New Strategic Partner Level:
Olympic Game Farm

Our Renewing EDC Members;
Renewing Executive Partner Level:
Port Angeles Hardwood

Renewing Major Level: 
7 Cedars Hotel & Casino 
Delhur Industries 
Ralston Law, PLLC
Ray Chirayath
Mike McAleer
FaLeana Wech
$918 million of Restaurant Revitalization Funds went to WA State Restaurants but Small and Rural Restaurants were Largely Left Out of the Relief Funding: 27 Businesses in Clallam County received Restaurant Revitalization Funds totaling just over $6 million, but many other Clallam Restaurants were not funded. 

Here’s a link to the Crosscut article.
The University of WA SeaGrant Staff is Requesting Our Input: Washington SeaGrant (WSG), based at the University of Washington’s (UW) College of the Environment, has been awarded funding to conduct economic resilience planning for a five-county region on the west coast of Washington. Working with a broad range of organizations focused on use and conservation of the marine environment and its resources, Washington SeaGrant supports the needs of an even larger set of stakeholders including our county. WSG hired the Western Region Development Center located at Utah State University to deploy their Area Sector Analysis Plan (ASAP) which looks at the economic priorities of counties determined through the survey below and by compiling an asset map (researched and delivered by the Clallam EDC). WRDC then produces a list of industries that they determine would be a good fit for our county. The Clallam EDC will consider the information produced by this process to add to our 5-year Countywide Economic Plan which will be published later this year. Please provide your input to the WRDC-designed survey below:
Survey Link
Events – Online & In Person…
Intro to Exporting – Free Training for Small Businesses on May 11th: Plus free one-on-one follow up counseling the following day.

What: Taking Your Business International
When: May 11 from 10am-noon PDT
Where: rsvp for free here 

Join us for a lively discussion with nationally recognized speaker and author Jim Foley to learn what your business must do to leverage export opportunities and adapt your strategies internationally. This will help you;

*Learn details of export procedures
*Understand when your company should expand internationally
*Formulate an export strategy
*Overcome common mistakes made by beginning exporters
*Identify and target high-potential markets with proven market research methods
*Adapt your marketing strategies for international success 

About the Instructor:
Mr. Foley is a nationally recognized and frequent speaker on international trade issues and is the author of the book The Global Entrepreneur. Jim’s awards include the ASBDC State Star, the NASBITE Lifetime Achievement Award, & the IATTO Lifetime Achievement Award.
Are you in the Creative Sector? Join the Creatives Academy Classes developed the State Department of Commerce’s Senior Managing Director for Rural, Small Business and Marketing Solutions, Robb Zerr: This series of lessons covers a wide swath of business skills. It is designed to teach those in the creative sector how to turn their passion into a livelihood. Twelve sessions to help them create a sustainable, profitable business, from pricing and negotiation to intellectual property and going global. You can take the classes on your own time. It’s already getting great reviews from creative sector professionals. 

Register Here
Linking Financial Wellness and Small Business Development Webinar:
Apr 27, 2022 2:00 – 3:30 pm Pacific Time – Register Here

For many people in rural communities, small business ownership can be a powerful path out of poverty and into financial security and well-being. Yet in today’s economy, financial systems are increasingly complex, business planning is challenging to navigate, and barriers to achieving financial stability can be daunting. Join the Washington State Microenterprise Association (WSMA) and the Financial Empowerment Network (FEN) on April 27th, 2022 2-3:30 pm, to learn more about providers across the state offering both financial wellness services and small business development services.

We will explore how layering both types of support can multiply the positive impact for individuals and communities. Financial empowerment services can include financial education, counseling, or coaching, and work to ensure that communities have access to reliable information and trustworthy tools to help with topics such as dealing with debt and improving credit, budgeting, banking, taxes, starting a business, and homeownership.

Small business development programs work with people who want to increase their income by starting their own business, learning to sell their products or services online and manage their cash flow.

We will hear from a panel of organizations grounded in both financial empowerment and small business development, who will share their journey to offering both types of support and what structures and partnerships have worked well for them along the way. This session will be interactive, and we hope you will leave with resources and new ideas about how you can support your clients in accessing both types of support. This webinar is brought to you by the Washington State Microenterprise Association (WSMA) and the Financial Empowerment Network (FEN) with support from Black Owned Business Excellence, Seattle Credit Union and the Washington State Department of Commerce.
Are you traveling to Victoria? Canada’s government has announced that effective April 1, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to provide a pre-entry COVID-19 test result to enter Canada by air, land, or water. The announcement will allow Canadian visitors to visit Seattle without the burden of COVID-19 related testing upon returning home.
Info From State Agencies for Small Businesses
What is a 1099-K form? Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, all third-party network companies, including Venmo, PayPal, and Square, are required to issue 1099-K forms to merchants for card payments that exceed $600. Here’s what you need to know about Form 1099-K

Gig Economy Income is Taxable: The IRS requires all income earned from the gig economy to be reported; even if the income is temporary or not reported using a 1099 or W-2. The Gig Economy Tax Center offers tips for managing your records and taxes. Read more here
Secretary of State’s Office: GIVE SMART: Tips for anyone considering donating to a charity, nonprofit, or relief organization: Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs encourages Washingtonians to do their due diligence and conduct research on the charities or nonprofits to which they donate to support relief efforts in Ukraine. The Charities Division offers tips for anyone considering donating to a charity, nonprofit or relief organization.  Learn more here

Department of Labor & Industries: Required Workplace Posters: Employers are legally required to display certain posters in their workplace to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities. You may order these posters or download them for free by visiting their website. Learn more here

Employer Guide to Workers’ Rights: Learn about the workplace rules and regulations enforced by the Employment Standards Program.
Visit the Training Center to learn more

Liquor & Cannabis Board: Making Outdoor Areas Permanent for Bars & Restaurants: Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCB worked closely with members of the industry to approve temporary outdoor areas that would accommodate social distancing. If you have an outdoor area that received temporary approval that you would like to make permanent, please contact your local 
Enforcement and Education Officer for a consultation.

State WAC 314–03–205 outlines the requirements for serving alcohol in outside areas.
New members sought for state Affordable Housing Advisory Board: There is a massive need to provide more affordable housing options across the state, and we need advisors to help us achieve that goal. The Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB) has five open seats. It takes a broad group of experts to lead this work, and the list of needs for the board reflects that, including individuals who have experience in the following roles: Homeless shelter operator, For-profit housing development representative, Home mortgage lending representative, Residential construction representative, and For-profit rental housing owner representative. If you are interested in serving on the AHAB, go to the Washington State Boards & Commissions webpage and fill out an application. Please share this announcement with anyone you think would be interested. If you have any questions, contact Emily Grossman or Michelle Griffin. LEARN MORE
Resources for Employer Health Insurance for Employees
Are you looking to provide health insurance for your employees? Here are a few Washington State options! Business Health TrustOne Redmond 
Clallam County Data from Dept of Revenue: The most recent published information from the Washington State Department of Commerce Tax Statistics Reports: As of July 1, 2019 Clallam County had 6,742 Registered Businesses. As of July 1, 2020 Clallam County had 6,443 Registered Businesses. As of July 1, 2021 Clallam County had 6,649 Registered Businesses.
Since 1981, the private, 501(c)(6) nonprofit EDC has been priority-focused on recruiting quality new businesses to Clallam County while retaining the existing businesses and assisting in expansion. The EDC supports companies in creating new jobs and to grow the economy and infrastructure of our rural county and Washington State.

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