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Dr. Suzy Ames, Ed.D. on Coffee with Colleen

Dr. Suzanne Ames will be taking the helm at Peninsula College at the beginning of July. She will take the reigns from Dr. Luke Robins who assumed the role of President in 2012.

Suzy most recently served as the Vice President of Instruction at Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, WA. Suzy actively reached out to many in our community prior to her interviews to learn more about the views of leaders within Clallam & Jefferson Counties. She said her career goal has been to serve as the President of Peninsula College for nearly a decade. These discussions included the unique challenges we face and how to best position the college to serve our business community and the students within the North Olympic Peninsula to successfully grow our economy.

Dr. Ames earned a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership for Change from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA; a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from City University in Seattle, WA; and two Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Political Science from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

Next Coffee with Colleen Guests: May 18 – Steve Burke, Ex Director, Shore Aquatic Center
Upcoming State Grants…
WA State has Numerous Upcoming Grant Programs for Small Businesses Affected by the Economic Impacts of COVID:

At our last EDC Coffee Chat, Julia Turlinchamp from the Department of Commerce reviewed the latest information on each of the grant programs. To listen to her presentation go to the following link at 26 minutes 15 seconds at EDC Coffee Chat Link.

Working Washington Round 5: $70 million$45 million of the $70 million is only for the arts, heritage & science businesses and nonprofits
Opens about July 2022
Convention Center Grants: $5 million Businesses and nonprofits reliant on economic activity generated through conventions.
Hospitality Sector Grants: $100 million$15M of the $100 million is required for lodgings impacted by state eviction moratorium.
Relief for Large Arts, Heritage and nonprofit orgs: $5 million Reimburses mandated COVID Testing Costs
Small Business Innovation & Competitiveness Fund: $34.5 million Focused on Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Entrepreneurs
Apply now for Building for the Arts grants: The 2023-25 funding round closes June 23

The 2023-25 Building for the Arts (BFA) grant application is now open. These grants fund 33% of eligible capital costs up to $2 million for acquisition and major new construction of arts or cultural facilities. Learn more
Restaurant Revitilization Fund Program Update: On April 7, 2022 the US House passed legislation to add $42 billion to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). 

According to the National Restaurant Association, the US Senate appears likely to vote on a plan to partially or fully replenish the RRF, offering it as an amendment to a $10 billion COVID Preparedness bill. In addition, this bill will establish a new program to support the hardest-hit small businesses – delivering critical assistance to small businesses that have suffered revenue losses of at least 40 percent during the pandemic. The vote on the federal “Relief for Restaurants & Other Hard Hit Small Businesses Act” will likely will be after the Senate’s upcoming two-week recess period, in late April or early May. This will likely be the last vote Congress takes on RRF replenishment. 

Please speak up for our valued restaurants, many of which are struggling, by participating in the National Restaurant Association’s new grassroots activation campaign by clicking here — it will take you just a minute! National Restaurant Association “Next Steps” Guide: The National Restaurant Association has created a “Next Steps” Guide with resources for record-keeping, reporting and eligible expenses for RRF award recipients: https://restaurant.org/downloads/pdfs/business/rrf-now-what.pdf
Free Training & Social Events – Online & In Person…
This training also offers free one-on-one follow up counseling the following day.Register for the Export Training Here:  https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcsdOGgpjMsHNGrXzL1IxM7bQVdxkBuWgvZ
ScaleUp Business Training, Your Business is Ready are You? 

Starts Wednesday May 18th | Register here: https://scaleupwashington.org/ 

ScaleUp is advanced business training for companies that have moved BEYOND startup and launch. ScaleUp is about building capacity, increasing profitability, and automating business systems. This program will show you how to position your business for investment and ready you for that moment. 

Imagine your business as passive income through systemization-Working ON your business, NOT in it-Doubling or tripling revenues-Increasing shareholder distributions-Securing investors and investment-Having an exit strategy that ensures MAXIMUM value when you sell 

Our trainers come with years of experience building and scaling businesses and helping others do the same.  ScaleUp Business Training is NOT JUST a 9 week training program, it’s ongoing support and community. Graduates of the ScaleUp program maintain access to all ScaleUp resources and ongoing mentorship through our weekly Study Hall program and Alumni Network. 

This program is currently provided at NO COST thanks to Washington State businesses through 2022thanks to support from the Washington Department of Commerce and in partnership with Clallam County Economic Development Corporation. The path to seven figures starts here!  https://scaleupwashington.org/
You’re Invited to the WA SBDC New Training Series on Cybersecurity:

Washington SBDC training provides practical, real-life solutions tailored for the entrepreneur and facilitated by knowledgeable business professionals. There is no cost, but registration is required.
Small Business Cybersecurity Training Series: Small businesses are under cyber and data-breach attacks more than ever given the current climate. Cyber-attacks happen every day, and for a small business they can be very costly and cripple business operations. Having your systems and information compromised is not only a direct threat to your confidential data, it can also ruin your relationships with customers and cause legal vulnerability. It is imperative to learn how to boost your cyber defense systems. This three-part training series was developed to help small businesses be cyber safe. The series will be a combination of cybersecurity presentation, subject matter expert panel and Q&A. Join us and become cyber safe today!
Part 1: Protection May 10 | 1:00 p.m. Register here
Part 2: Authentication May 24 | 1:00 p.m. Register here
Part 3: Systems June 7 | 1:00 p.m. Register here
Are you in the Creative Sector?

Join the Creatives Academy Classes developed the State Department of Commerce’s Senior Managing Director for Rural, Small Business and Marketing Solutions, Robb Zerr: This series of lessons covers a wide swath of business skills. It is designed to teach those in the creative sector how to turn their passion into a livelihood. Twelve sessions to help them create a sustainable, profitable business, from pricing and negotiation to intellectual property and going global. You can take the classes on your own time. It’s already getting great reviews from creative sector professionals. 
Register Here
Apply now for Youth Recreational Facilities program grants; The 2023-25 funding round closes May 26

Commerce has opened a biennial reimbursement-style funding round for Youth Recreational Facilities. These grants fund 25% of eligible capital costs up to $1.2 million for non-residential facilities that provide youth (K-12) with recreation opportunities integrated with social and/or educational services.Ranking criteria for applications include: the ability to complete the project expedientlythe organizational capacity to run the facility effectively community need availability of other funding sources
Application information: The ZoomGrants application and supporting materials are available on the program webpage. Applications due: 5 p.m. Thursday, May 26

ZoomGrants tips: For existing ZoomGrants accounts, log in and follow the instructions. New users should complete the required information for a new account to create a profile. Please do not use “The” as the first word in the agency name. Once an agency profile is created, select the YRF Grant and the “Apply” button to start your proposal. Answers are automatically saved after each response. Hardcopies of applications will not be accepted.

Questions?Email cappprograms@commerce.wa.gov or call 360-725-3075.Learn more
Info From State Agencies for Small Businesses
What is a 1099-K form?

Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, all third-party network companies, including Venmo, PayPal, and Square, are required to issue 1099-K forms to merchants for card payments that exceed $600. Here’s what you need to know about Form 1099-K

Gig Economy Income is Taxable:The IRS requires all income earned from the gig economy to be reported; even if the income is temporary or not reported using a 1099 or W-2. The Gig Economy Tax Center offers tips for managing your records and taxes. Read more here
Secretary of State’s Office:

GIVE SMART: Tips for anyone considering donating to a charity, nonprofit, or relief organization: Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs encourages Washingtonians to do their due diligence and conduct research on the charities or nonprofits to which they donate to support relief efforts in Ukraine. The Charities Division offers tips for anyone considering donating to a charity, nonprofit or relief organization.  Learn more here

Department of Labor & Industries: Required Workplace Posters: Employers are legally required to display certain posters in their workplace to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities. You may order these posters or download them for free by visiting their website. Learn more here
Employer Guide to Workers’ Rights: Learn about the workplace rules and regulations enforced by the Employment Standards Program.
Visit the Training Center to learn more
Liquor & Cannabis Board: Making Outdoor Areas Permanent for Bars & Restaurants: Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCB worked closely with members of the industry to approve temporary outdoor areas that would accommodate social distancing. If you have an outdoor area that received temporary approval that you would like to make permanent, please contact your local Enforcement and Education Officer for a consultation. State WAC 314–03–205 outlines the requirements for serving alcohol in outside areas.
New members sought for state Affordable Housing Advisory Board:

There is a massive need to provide more affordable housing options across the state, and we need advisors to help us achieve that goal. The Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB) has five open seats. It takes a broad group of experts to lead this work, and the list of needs for the board reflects that, including individuals who have experience in the following roles: Homeless shelter operator,
For-profit housing development representative, Home mortgage lending representative, Residential construction representative, and For-profit rental housing owner representative.

If you are interested in serving on the AHAB, go to the Washington State Boards & Commissions webpage and fill out an application.

Please share this announcement with anyone you think would be interested. If you have any questions, contact Emily Grossman or Michelle Griffin. LEARN MORE
Resources for Employer Health Insurance for Employees:

Are you looking to provide health insurance for your employees? Here are a few Washington State options! Business Health TrustOne Redmond 
Clallam County Data from Dept of Revenue:

The most recent published information from the Washington State Department of Commerce Tax Statistics Reports: As of July 1, 2019 Clallam County had 6,742 Registered Businesses. As of July 1, 2020 Clallam County had 6,443 Registered Businesses. As of July 1, 2021 Clallam County had 6,649 Registered Businesses.
Clallam County Free Food Resources:

WSU Extension has provided a comprehensive list of free food resources for Clallam county. To download the list click the button below. You can also find this and other resources at chooseclallamfirst.com/communityrelief
Free Food Resources
Since 1981, the private, 501(c)(6) nonprofit EDC has been priority-focused on recruiting quality new businesses to Clallam County while retaining the existing businesses and assisting in expansion. The EDC supports companies in creating new jobs and to grow the economy and infrastructure of our rural county and Washington State.

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