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We Envision a Child Care Ecosystem with Ample Consistent and Responsive Child Care that Safely Meets the Needs of Our Youngest Community Members

Nothing like a pandemic to bring home how necessary it is for communities to have strong, resilient child care ecosystems! Clallam County is home to 20 child care centers, 21 family home child cares, 5 out-of-school-time care programs, and more than a dozen preschools, playgroups, and co-ops. COVID-19 found them pivoting like superheroes, under the most stressful of conditions. When our schools shut down, the child care profession shape-shifted to accommodate more kids, of different ages, at different times, on varying days.

Long before the pandemic, though, the Country, including Clallam County, was feeling the tension of a profession stretched to its limit. We were already at the place where parents could not afford to pay more for child care (most Washington parents pay more for a year of child care than for a year at one of our state universities) and child care providers could not afford to make less (the average worker in a child care center is working at the 3rd percentile of Washington’s wage range). Our whole child care world had zero degrees of freedom left, well before the pandemic.

During the pandemic we learned that effective communication lines, accurate information about resources, and master-level problem-solving skills saved the day for a lot of child care providers, and families with children. As we emerge from the pandemic, the Country has changed: there is widespread understanding that child care and young families need support. Washington State has new legislation to do just that and national legislators are working in similar ways to address the “big system” changes that will help.

Here at home, we understand the need to be prepared to identify and incorporate those supports that are coming from legislation as well as to act swiftly to do the “local system” changes that will further support child care providers and families. That’s the space out of which NOCCA was born. The North Olympic Child Care Alliance is a loosely organized group of providers and allies working to support this ecosystem that is so critical for the consistent care and development of our children.

Please join us in our on-line engagement site–another thing we learned during the pandemic about finding new ways to “meet”–to learn more about local child care, discuss problem-solving efforts, tell some stories about the magic of child care for inspiration, and work together for a stronger child care world here in Clallam County. Thank you for engaging!

Know Your Child Care Options: Choices, Costs, & Assistance – 


Prevention Works! is a community coalition that promotes positive childhoods in Clallam County. Their vision is that all children of Clallam County will thrive. Visit their website for available Child Care, News & Events by Clicking Here

Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware host the Child Care Check, Washington State’s licensed child care status and record data base. Search providers and find out background check statuses, licensing history, monitoring reports and more!


Click here to read about the Child Care crisis in Clallam County.

Extra Resources for Parents:

We all know how important it is to teach children the importance of dental hygiene at a young age. During adolescence, kids take the lessons given by parents and give them a spin of individuality. Byte recently published an educational guide on dental hygiene for parents. Click here to see their resources.

Do you Qualify for Medicaid?

The Virtual Care Advocate’s at created this free guide to help people understand whether or not they qualify for Medicaid in their state and exactly how to apply.

This is strictly an information-based website providing resources to help those struggling with understanding Medicaid and other health insurances, and they do not sell or provide healthcare plans. Everything on their site is free to access!